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We’re designing and building intelligent, network management platforms and feeding them with accurate geospatial data. It’s about keeping our partners in the know and giving their customers every reason to stay.


Data driven

Inputting the highest quality network build and service readiness data into our intelligent systems means we can see what build work is underway, when services will be available to order and how long installs may take.

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Smart systems

Once services are live, our purpose built systems and intelligent diagnostics show the status and performance of every live service. They can alert us to issues, see who’s impacted and help us find and fix them – even before they are noticed.

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Powerful interfaces

The APIs we’re evolving enable our ISP partners to access accurate information about the status of our network and the performance of their own services. By providing rich ‘on demand’ information, we aim to help partners reduce ongoing service costs and strengthen their customers’ loyalty.

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100th state-of the-art Fibre Exchange is live

CityFibre's network of Fibre Exchanges underpin delivery of live broadband services to its first 4.8 million premises.

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Visual Automation goes nationwide

CityFibre's partnership with Deepomatic sees the deepest integration of visual automation in UK communications networks.

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Elsa Chen, Chief Customer Officer

"The purpose-built systems that manage and monitor our network present a unique opportunity to deliver a transformational, world class service experience".

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