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Our infrastructure

The infrastructure we build is meticulously designed, carefully constructed and rock solid once we're done. It’s about leaving no one behind and delivering connections so fast and reliable you can take them for granted.

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Meticulously designed

We’re about more than just putting fibre underground or overhead and shouting about gigabit speeds. Starting with a clean slate, we design our networks for the future, unencumbered by technology of the past – ensuring every sector of the market can benefit from access to low latency, high reliability and symmetrical speeds.

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Robust and reliable

Supported by global construction experts, we build resilience into our network, employ modern techniques and reward a job done right. Ours is an intelligent network where reliability speaks for itself, and where faults and outages are the exception not the norm.

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Fully upgradeable

Our capacity-rich networks, own state of the art fibre exchanges and fully upgradable network technology choices mean we have the potential to provide future services at 100Gbps and beyond. It's not about the speeds we all need today, it's about building a network that can truly stand the test of time.

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Giving Service Providers the edge

How modern Fibre Exchanges are helping ISPs deliver the highest quality service experience for their customers

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Delivering a backbone for a better future

CityFibre lights first 800Gbps ring as part of a multi-terabit, national DWDM optical network deployment programme.

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Greg Mesch, Chief Executive

"It’s network quality and reliability, together with a vastly superior service experience, that will define the best networks and deliver the real benefits for our nation".

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