Our Vision

Our Vision

We’re unleashing Britain’s potential in a digital age

Enabling our economy

Powering the UK’s Full Fibre revolution

We’re building a superior alternative to the slow and unreliable, copper-based networks that have held our nation back for decades. Designed for the future, our high quality infrastructure and services are setting new standards, unleashing digital potential and sparking innovation.

Connecting communities

The third largest infrastructure builder

After years championing change, our £4bn rollout is now bearing a nation of Gigabit Cities, Towns and Villages — with hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses, critical and public sector sites already connected. Each area benefits from a ubiquitous Full Fibre availability – leaving no one behind and bringing long-awaited choice.

Our rollout

Building for the future

Not all Full Fibre net­works are created equal

Built from scratch and unhindered by technologies of the past, our digital platform is far more robust and reliable. And, thanks to modern systems and smart technology, we can install services fast, monitor them 24/7 and provide accurate information on demand.

Our network

Delivering excellence

It’s about more than just going faster

Speed matters, but as technology gets smarter and our dependency on it rises, it’s friction-free service and ultra-reliable connectivity that will define the best networks. The infrastructure we’re building and the technology decisions we’re making are delivering all of this, while laying the foundations for tomorrow.

Better by Design

Creating opportunity

10,000 local jobs for local people

Working with our build partners, we're creating job and training opportunities for those looking to upskill, retrain or even enter the workforce for the first time. Where possible, we prioritise local people for these jobs in order to further boost local economies.

Our recruitment

Leaving a legacy

Caring for our people, society, and planet

Whether it’s reducing our carbon emissions to net zero, championing diversity or picking up litter we’re determined to lead the way as a responsible business and do our bit to create a fairer, greener and more sustainable world.

Responsible business

Working with others

Partnership is the key to success

No single company can deliver the UK’s digital future in isolation. It demands true collaboration and a partnership approach. Understanding issues and working closely with partners of all kinds, enables us to help Government and Ofcom steer and accelerate the delivery of Gigabit Britain.

Partner with us

Choose a world-class platform for your digital future

CityFibre is the UK’s largest alternative provider of wholesale fibre network infrastructure and the builder of Gigabit Cities

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